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Quality at a fair price

In the construction of aluminum Mining Rig Frames, we attach great importance to the highest quality, flexibility and robustness of the installed elements.

The Mining Frame offers the possibility to install all common PCIe graphics cards and motherboards – whether ATX or ATX-Mini. The adjustable aluminum profiles make it easy to adjust the Mining Rig Frame to fit the hardware.



Our aluminum frames have a high load-bearing capacity with low dead weight. The surface of an aluminum sheet is dented by impact, but the impact energy is absorbed by the deformation. The material properties remain constant in the temperature range from -80 to +150 ° C.



Our MiningFrames allow short planning, construction and assembly times when installing the hardware. Detachable connections allow for a flexible conversion in the assembly phase. This allows the frame to be easily adapted to the hardware.



Our system is applicable not only individually, but also modularly. The modularity in the modular principle makes it easy to stack several frames on top of each other. This way, a large project can be accommodated in the smallest space and can be extended to any number of components.


Various construction methods

Our frames split into two product families: Standalone and Modular.

If you do not want to start your own Miningfarm at the very beginning, we recommend the standalone version of our system. This is available in 3 sizes (6, 8 or 12 GPUs) and is ideal for use in private or domestic use.

For larger projects, our modular design is the right choice. This allows an efficient implementation of your project in small space. Again, we provide you with three different sizes (6, 8 or 12 GPUs).

Most Popular Mining Rig Frames

6 GPU  Mining Rig Frame *MODULAR & STACKABLE*6 GPU  Mining Rig Frame *MODULAR & STACKABLE*
Sale6 GPU Mining Rig Frame6 GPU Mining Rig Frame

6 GPU Mining Rig Frame

119,00  50,00 
Sale8 GPU Mining Rig Frame8 GPU Mining Rig Frame

8 GPU Mining Rig Frame

149,00  50,00 
Sale13 GPU Mining Rig Frame13 GPU Mining Rig Frame

13 GPU Mining Rig Frame

179,00  50,00 

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Return of Investment

The return-of-investment is the percentage ratio between investment and profit. In order for your project to pay back as quickly as possible, we offer you the best quality at an unbeatable price. Do not rely on cheaply manufactured frames which represent a security risk for your hardware. Our frames offer you this security and allows a long-lasting use of the installed components.

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