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The story behind

It all started with a common childhood. It was the dream itself to dig for gold. However, since we are partially allergic to fresh air, we have decided to relocate the search to digital gold. We knew every episode of “Gold Rush in Alaska” and knew that the company is only as strong as its weakest limb. So began our long trip to a suitable frame. We experienced not only exciting, but also dangerous, Such as tip edges, razor-sharp cut surfaces, and curious compositions of any kind. We could not work. We have put everything back on top and operated basic research. So CoinRush was launched. Since then, we have been designing and developing lightweight but robust aluminum mining frames that will safely capture your hardware. Our frames adapt to all conditions of your hardware and enable a quick and easy installation.


The perfect team


imo Ellermann and Markus Ochmann, who represent the dynamic duo of the MiningFrame world. Technical know-how and high-quality components at an affordable price have always been our motto. Since we ourselves mine, we do not rely on other solutions. We attach great importance to longevity and flexibility of the entire system. Our many years of practical experience make your start into the Mining Business simple and uncomplicated.

Form follows function! We cooperate closely with our suppliers and constantly check the quality in load tests. Our Industrial Look frames are smart, compact and yet provide a perfect fit for your hardware. In order to realize your dreams, we are constantly developing new extensions and fitting accessories. Trust in us and you will not be disappointed.

“To the Moon with CoinRush Mining Frames!”

Timo Ellermann

The Team

The Maker