Modular Mining Rig Frames – The Prototyp

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We always try to optimize our Mining Rig Frames. And that is why we like to listen to what the users of our Mining Rig Frames have for suggestions for improvement regarding the product. Meanwhile we are with our frames 3 months on the market and are of the opinion that the Mining Rig Frames are not just cheap. That’s why we decided to have a perfect price / performance ratio with our Mining Rig Frames. After all, the expensive hardware will soon be armored again and will be able to work safely on the rig. In addition, we noticed that many Mining Rig frames are not really very user friendly and there are often sharp edges, sharp corners, or the ergonomics simply not right in most other frames. Now after 3 months finally the first finished 3 products are available in a standard version – the 6 GPU, 8 GPU and the 13 GPU variant.

We have a lot more technical innovations in the petto which we would like to implement like a fixation for the power supply, a version with fixed PCIE risers, mounting for additional fans or also to make the price even more appealing a kit version of all Mining Rig Frames in our assortment. But what we find most important is to first bring a modular version of our Mining Rig Frames to the market. In doing so, the vertical profiles are increased by a few cm and the horizontal profiles are also slightly lengthened. In addition, connectors are made of hard plastic, which then make the individual Mining Rig frames horizontally stackable. This means that the user can then stack 4-5 Mining Rigs on top of each other, thus saving valuable space in the mining farm.

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