PIRL Mining – The Resurrection of the GPU/ETHash Mining after ETH Mining gets colder and colder

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Ethereum mining is no longer profitable these days. At least it’s not as easy as a few months ago to render a Real Life Lamborghini with a couple of GPU’s. That’s why it’s time for an alternative in mining. I had hoped that with the Bitcoin Gold Hardfork BTG Mining will be profitable, but unfortunately there are no pools on the map of the crypto currencies to find and the developers do not really seem to progress. But when I recently looked on whatstomine.com what’s so nice for alternative to mines I noticed directly that there is a newcomer in the ranking of mining. And he has it a lot of fuss, because he has deprecated Nicehash Ethereum and Ethereum Classic just so in terms of profitability. Wow! PIRL is the name of this magical cryptocurrency that I want to take a closer look at.

The website of Pirl is now not very extensive and what is striking in the first place is the link to a Discord channel. Very interesting. No Slack or IRC Channel … but Discord? Why not? But before we connect to the channel, I prefer to rummage around on the PIRL website and see if I can find a wallet and possibly a mining pool for the PIRL mining. But what I discover first is a description of what is meant for Wen Pirl. The developers write here that it should be a cryptocurrency that is clear and understandable for everyone to use and was developed for everyday use. You do not want to switch to the Proof of Stake concept (POS), but the transactions should continue to be calculated by miners in the future – ie Proof of Work concept (PoW). Very interesting. What’s also very interesting: Node operators are also to be involved and rewards get to let them run Nodes. You can find the node on the GitHUB repository of PIRL. So there are really many great ways to earn some coins here. Very interesting at least.

Pirl Roadmap

Die Pirl Roadmap

If we then scroll a little further on the website we see the roadmap of PIRL. And yes, many things have already been implemented. Unfortunately, the PIRL coins are not yet listed on the common Exchanges. But according to roadmap this is still planned. It will be interesting to see when PIRL is recorded by the big Exchanges. But I’m sure that this is the Pirl price today by the way already at $ 0.45 (as of: 6.11.2017), let go to the moon.

Well, now that we have checked out the website a little bit first off in the Discord Chanel. Here you will receive a friendly welcome and get on request directly information on which pools you can mine PIRL and which wallets offer. As Pirl Wallet, there is currently only a WebWallet that is modeled after the MyEtherWallet or rather was developed on the basis of MyEtherWallet. The wallet can be reached here via http: //wallet.pirl.io.I have created a paper wallet there. Wallets for Windows and other popular operating systems are already in the works.

Furthermore, I’ve checked what there are for Mining Pools and lo and behold Minerpool.net has a Pirl Mining Pool. Excellent! With already more than 1,600 miners, the pool is currently stable. A great achievement. So first connect with my ETHOS Claymore Miner. And it worked right away. I’m curious to see how much Pirl will hold up and whether it will continue to be a good alternative to Ethereum Mining in the future. At the moment – it is definitely the case because there are a lot of profitable mines as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Nicehash. Let’s see what the future holds. Maybe there is still a Lambo for computing power for some miners 🙂

Oh by the way: Our Mining Rig Frames would be glad if you could carry some GPUs for the mining of PIRL.

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Previous PIRL Mining Pools (as of 06.11.2017):




















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